If you didn’t need the money…

A friend of mine shared this with me recently. It’s just three minutes long and well worth a watch/listen:

I’m not sure exactly when Alan Watts made the audio recording. It must be at least 40 years ago (he died in 1973) and yet I think it’s just as relevant today as it ever was. Perhaps it’s even more relevant with the opportunities available now for those wanting to discover and follow their passion/s rather than following “the money” or what’s “expected” of them.

This isn’t just a message for younger people either… It’s easy to think later in life that the time has passed to make a change, think differently, start anew but the reality is it’s never too late.

So maybe it’s a good time to ask yourself (again) a few things:

      • “What would I do if I didn’t need the money?” or as the narrator asks…
      • “What makes me itch?” (no scratching now…unless it’s your head :-))
      • Am I “doing things I don’t like doing in order to go on living doing things I don’t like doing”?

The answers to these questions aren’t always as easy as they might seem.

The implications of our answers can change everything! (if we let them…)

(P.S The 30 Day Challenge, run by best selling author, John Williams and Supercoach Selina Barker provides one great way of exploring all this and has certainly helped me manoeuvre life towards doing what I love. The next one starts on 1st March)


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