How do you know….

… you can’t learn to sing/play/dance/draw/write
… “people like you” don’t succeed in business
… you’re not a “creative person”
… you shouldnt be wasting your time doing x/y/z
… you’re “not that kind of person”
… it’s too risky
… that “getting fit” is beyond you
… you’re not very good at relationships
… you can’t make/break this habit
… you’re disorganised
… that success means “this” or “that” or “the other” and
… you aren’t the successful type
… you can’t change or you’re too old (or young!)
… that it’s impossible

you get my drift …

If any of these (or similar) strike a chord, then ask yourself this : “Who told me?”

We all carry around a set of beliefs about ourselves which we hold as “True” (consciously and/or subconsciously). The question is “How do you know they are true?”.

Some of our beliefs are, of course, helpful (e.g. protective) and positive. However, we often have a subtle (or not so subtle!) set that are self-limiting and hold us back, suppressing the fulfilment of our potential.

So every now and then it might be a good idea to review your own list of limiting beliefs and ask yourself the “who told me” and “how do I know” type of questions. Drill down and beware of generalisations. How much actual evidence is there which supports the statement?

For example, for “I’m a disorganised person”:

“In what way?”
“In all areas of my life or something in particular?”
“When was the last time I was (even slightly) organised?”,”What happened?”,”What does this tell me?”
“Have I always been like this? If not then when did it start and what was happening?”
(keep going a bit further by adding more of your own Q’s)

“So knowing what I know now, do I still believe that I’m disorganised?”
“Always? Generally? Sometimes?”
If not always then surely the following is true…..
“I have the ability to be organised and some examples to prove it!”

Trying this out can be very revealing.

It’s a good way to start breaking some of those mental chains so we can get ourselves moving forwards in areas that were previously off limits!


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