About Making the Most of Me

What does “Making the Most of Me” mean to you? We’re all different, so I’m aware that the phrase can be interpreted in many ways !

For me, it’s first and foremost a reminder that we have more potential than we often realise. On this site, I’m going to be sharing some thoughts and suggestions which I hope will help you more fully understand, tap into and celebrate your wonderful potential. Because we’re all different, I know that some of the things you’ll read here will strike a chord and some won’t. That’s perfectly OK and to be expected.

So what’s this “potential” business all about then? Where do we start?

Maybe for you it’s about one or more of these:

  • Making the most of your Time
  • Making the most of your Career
  • Making the most of your Relationships
  • Making the most of your Strengths
  • Making the most of your Retirement
  • Making the most of your Business
  • Making the most of your Confidence and Self Image
  • Making the most of your Health
  • Making the most of your Faith
  • Making the most of your Attitude to Life’s ups and downs
  •      and so many more things – the list goes on !

By subscribing (see box on the right) to my blog, you’ll be able to keep in touch with the articles I write and share your comments. I’d love to hear your views.

About Frank

I’m passionate about helping people help themselves make the most of who they are, what they have and what they want in life.

I know that this means different things for each of us and I hope that through my blog and other material I’ll share on this site you’ll get some inspiration.

In particular, with my coaching services, I’m the kind of person who will “walk with you when you want to walk” (with whatever you might be working on) or “run with you when you want to run”! My purpose here is to help you take steps forward in the areas you want to, working to your own agenda and pace. So for example, I’ll help you become more aware of things that might be getting in your way and sometimes encourage you to challenge yourself – although always with sensitivity, trust, respect and good humor!

I’m a family man in my forties, with a wide variety of interests/roles and over 20 years of corporate/business experience in blue chip and FTSE companies and also big4 consultancy. My corporate specialism is Human Resources (I’ve never liked the term, but I’ve always enjoyed this part of business, especially when it’s done well!) and I’ve enjoyed a number of senior HR roles and worked with some fantastic and well known companies.  The combination of corporate life and life “outside the office” has taught me a lot about people.

I’ve used this knowledge and experience to coach a wide range of clients and during the last 12 months in particular, I’ve stepped this up significantly as I’ve  focussed on building up my own coaching business. I’m also currently studying for a formal coaching qualification with one of Europe’s top training organisations – I believe that many of the best coaches have a healthy blend of experience and formal training/continuous professional development.

I’d love to hear from you. You can:


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