How do you know….

… you can’t learn to sing/play/dance/draw/write
… “people like you” don’t succeed in business
… you’re not a “creative person”
… you shouldnt be wasting your time doing x/y/z
… you’re “not that kind of person”
… it’s too risky
… that “getting fit” is beyond you
… you’re not very good at relationships
… you can’t make/break this habit
… you’re disorganised
… that success means “this” or “that” or “the other” and
… you aren’t the successful type
… you can’t change or you’re too old (or young!)
… that it’s impossible

you get my drift …

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How was your day?

How often do you get to the end of the day and ask yourself “What have I done today?” or “What have I achieved?” I can get so busy and preoccupied with “what’s next” that I don’t even ask the question and by the time I do, I struggle to remember!

It’s worth doing though. A little bit of self-reflection can work wonders in bringing out the best in ourselves. I’m not talking here about spending long hours in deep thought or dwelling on past “ifs” and “buts”.¬†Instead, it’s¬†more about recognising the good things from the day and for any challenges or difficulties we encountered, how we might do things differently next time.

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