Distractions be gone!

One of the most common challenges my coaching clients struggle with is handling distractions. They get frustrated because succumbing to distractions stops them from doing the important things that help them move forwards towards achieving their bigger goals.

I sometimes fall foul of this too. This week, I had a couple of almost completely free days and thus more time on my hands than usual. So you’d think I got lots done? Wrong! (you knew that was coming didn’t you) For example, one morning I somehow decided that looking at Facebook page analytics was fascinating and critical(!) and also that I really should catch up on all this month’s tweets from those I follow … and all the links in the tweets !  2 hours later, time for a sandwich and catch up on the day’s headlines on Sky news. An hour later (well you shouldn’t rush digesting lunch should you!) and that morning… and half of the day… had passed forever. Continue reading