Distractions be gone!

One of the most common challenges my coaching clients struggle with is handling distractions. They get frustrated because succumbing to distractions stops them from doing the important things that help them move forwards towards achieving their bigger goals.

I sometimes fall foul of this too. This week, I had a couple of almost completely free days and thus more time on my hands than usual. So you’d think I got lots done? Wrong! (you knew that was coming didn’t you) For example, one morning I somehow decided that looking at Facebook page analytics was fascinating and critical(!) and also that I really should catch up on all this month’s tweets from those I follow … and all the links in the tweets !  2 hours later, time for a sandwich and catch up on the day’s headlines on Sky news. An hour later (well you shouldn’t rush digesting lunch should you!) and that morning… and half of the day… had passed forever. Continue reading


If you didn’t need the money…

A friend of mine shared this with me recently. It’s just three minutes long and well worth a watch/listen:

I’m not sure exactly when Alan Watts made the audio recording. It must be at least 40 years ago (he died in 1973) and yet I think it’s just as relevant today as it ever was. Perhaps it’s even more relevant with the opportunities available now for those wanting to discover and follow their passion/s rather than following “the money” or what’s “expected” of them.

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How to have a good day

Here’s one way to make the most of your day:

Have a plan.

Make_a_ListThe trick here is to plan what you want from your day the night before (last thing) not at the start of the day. This is a powerful way to do it because your subconscious will get to work on what you’ve written down during the night as you sleep, so that when you wake up in the morning you’re “pre-programmed” and ready to go. Physically writing down what you intend to do is really important by the way.

So what we’re talking about here gets us into the world of “time and task management”. There’s a lot of stuff out there on all this. Some of it’s very good and some of it’s also complex!

Here’s something pretty simple which you can try right away: Continue reading